Knowing your boat

Getting a boat license is always easy and to own a boat is much easier. Unless you owned a mega yacht when you have qualified engineer to look after your yacht engine otherwise it will a nightmare for someone who without technical hands on knowledge to drive a boat out at sea and encounter engine failure.

At Neptune Yacht Asia we have qualified instructors to conduct short classes on basic boat engine handling and maintenance familiarize course level 1 and 2. The course covers outboard motor, inboard engine, sterndrive, waterjet drive and auxiliary machineries.

Upon completion of the course you will gain more confident out at sea even when you are alone.

Connect to us at our contact page and we will response to you.

Currently we only conduct classroom in Singapore and we are working on an online training class soon.

Level 1 - 1 day course

Level 2 - 1 day course

Introducing of varies type of engines

General maintenance - daily/weekly/monthly

Proper operation of engine

Troubleshoot of engine at sea.

Practical on maintenance of a outboard motor.

Introducing of other auxiliary machineries onboard

and identification, rectify on small issues.